Dept Of Cannabis Control – Official Press Release On New Rules & Regs


Department of Cannabis Control Proposes Emergency Regulations to Consolidate Cannabis Regulations The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) today published proposed emergency regulations. This action follows those taken in July by DCC to move all cannabis regulations into Title 4 of the California Code of Regulations. This is the second and most significant action thus far to improve the cannabis regulatory framework taken by DCC and comes within the first 60 days as a new state department. Notice of Rulemaking Action The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is providing notice to the public of its intent to adopt emergency regulations that consolidate, clarify, and make consistent licensing and enforcement criteria for commercial cannabis businesses. View the proposed regulatory text and supporting documents: Finding of Emergency and Notice of Proposed Emergency Regulations Text of Regulations Disciplinary Guidelines Forms: DCC-LIC-025 (Repealed), DCC-LIC-026 (Repealed), DCC-LIC-015, DCC-LIC-016, DCC-LIC-017, DCC-LIC-018, DCC-LIC-020, DCC-LIC-021, DCC-LIC-022, DCC-LIC-023, DCC-LIC-024, DCC-LIC-027, DCC-LIC-028, DCC-LIC-029 DCC will file the emergency package with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) after the required five-working day notice to the public. The public comment period, which lasts five-calendar days, will begin when OAL publishes the proposed regulations as being “under review” on its website: We will share instructions for submitting a public comment and participating in the regulatory process when the comment period opens. About the Proposed Emergency Regulations The proposed regulations consolidate, clarify and make consistent requirements, including: Aligning license application requirements Clarifying ownership and financial interest of a cannabis business Establishing uniform terminology and definitions across license types The emergency regulations also include rules governing trade samples between businesses, which was recently authorized by Assembly Bill (AB) 141. Many of the proposed changes are the direct result of feedback received during the consolidation process and delivers a comprehensive step forward towards meaningful progress. This…

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