5 Questions with Garden of Green


As part of our 5+5 promotion, Seedsman is sitting down with the breeders involved to learn a little bit more about who they are. Up next is Garden of Green, an organic seed breeder who’s made incredible waves in the industry. Right now on Seedsman, add a 5 pack of Garden of Green seeds to your order, and you will then receive a promo pack of 5 free seeds of the same type as your purchase (fem or auto fem) from the same breeder. If you have purchased fem seeds, you will be sent 5 free fem seeds, and if you order autos, you will receive 5 auto free seeds! These will be automatically added to your cart. Here’s Garden of Green: How did you guys get started? What was the motivation?  Originally, we got involved in the seed industry by being one of Ireland’s first cannabis seed retailers. We are all passionate about the plant, so it was a natural move. The Irish seed bank was created almost 20 years ago. When we realized the variety of clients we had and how large this market was, even for a small country like Ireland, we opened probably one of the first shops in Europe dedicated only to cannabis seeds, which was 2009. Our idea was to become an expert in seeds and constantly monitor the evolution of the market to offer the best the cannabis world had to offer. Through this, we witnessed the evolution of the business, saw the emergence of the feminized seeds, the first autos, the rise of the Spanish seedbanks, which offered lower prices and democratized this business and got convinced this combination of 3 factors would be the future of the industry. That’s when we decided to create a seed bank that would be focused on affordable, high-quality, feminized seeds with…

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