Oregon Law Enforcement Seizes $50 Million Worth of Cannabis at Illegal Grow


<![CDATA[The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT) issued a search warrant to investigate a large-scale illegal cannabis grow in Douglas County, Ore., after receiving several tips from citizens.According to Kezi 9 News, the DINT discovered an estimated $50 million worth of illegal cannabis at a facility operating under the disguise of a legal hemp operation. Law enforcement did not find any hemp plants on the property but uncovered approximately 150 greenhouses containing nearly 50,000 cannabis plants, the news outlet reported. Several vehicles, tents, two RV’s and two swimming pools were found on the premises. The pools were used to hold water tanks, which were being fed by water pumps from a nearby creek, Kezi 9 News reported. The property was also reported to be filled with trash, containers, fertilizers and even human waste. Upon the arrival of the investigation, several workers fled the location, but the operation "manager" was quickly identified, Kezi 9 News reported. The 44-year-old man was charged with Unlawful Possession and Unlawful Manufacture of Marijuana and placed in the Douglas County jail.  At this time, the investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be pending, according to Kezi 9 News.]]>

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Source : Oregon Law Enforcement Seizes Million Worth of Cannabis at Illegal Grow

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