Khiron’s Sustainable Cannabis Improves Patient Lives

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As the looming climate crisis becomes an ever-growing concern, companies around the globe are making more of an effort to help. In the world of sustainable medicinal cannabis, Khiron is at the forefront of this crusade.  Khiron is a patient-oriented cannabis brand that relies on education, product innovation, agricultural infrastructure, and scientific expertise. Based in Latin America and founded in 2017 by CEO Alvaro Torres with other entrepreneurs, the growing company released its first annual sustainability report last month. The report is the first of its kind and highlights Khiron’s commitment to the environment on a global scale.  “It’s with great pride that we present our inaugural sustainability report,” said María Jimena Ochoa, Vice President of Sustainable Development at Khiron.“This reflects not only our commitment to continue improving the lives of patients, employees, local communities, shareholders and other stakeholders, along with our pledge to minimize negative environmental impacts, but also encompasses all of our initiatives carried out in 2020 to materialize our higher purpose, while strengthening our capacity to implement sustainable management practices in our operations, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”  As one of the leading vertically integrated cannabis companies, Khiron has cemented themselves as a major player in the growing medicinal cannabis industry.     Complete Oversight, From Seed to Patient Khiron is a medicinal marijuana provider, but that label doesn’t encapsulate the brand in its entirety. Rather, Khiron is focused on improving lives through the sale and prescription of sustainable cannabis.  Torres, a Colombian native, built Khiron out of his passion for providing high-quality, sustainable cannabis to patients. Instead of controlling just one aspect of the supply chain, Torres wanted to ensure the quality and effectiveness of his product by overseeing the growth of the cannabis plant all the way to creating products and prescribing them to patients. “From the very beginning we have…

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