Thompson Coburn: Updated cannabis state-by-state rankings guide – August 2021


Orignally published to the JD Supra Platform at [co-author: Michael Rosenblum*] Updated August 2021! The Tracking Cannabis blog is proud to present our fourth state-by-state ranking of cannabis regulations, based on how favorable they are to the cannabis industry. Our guide, available here in PDF form, provides a state-by-state review of current cannabis law. In addition, you can find an update on the cannabis regulatory status of each state in the chart directly below. Boasting the largest cannabis economy in the country, and for the fourth year in a row, California remains in the top spot of our rankings. Although the state has experienced growing pains with respect to licensing and enforcement, California’s experience with both cannabis and cannabis regulation indicates a bright future. The state that rose the most was Arizona, moving from #30 to #8. Other states that moved significantly upward were New York, Montana, North Dakota, Alaska and South Dakota. States moving in the other direction were Montana, Hawaii and West Virginia. Most other states remained very close to their original rankings. Almost every state has passed new legislation regarding cannabis, and that information is contained in the update description for each state. Although it is not accounted for in our rankings, the gap between federal and state law has always been a challenging issue for state legislators and prosecutors. There is now pending federal legislation regarding cannabis, although the prospects for reform on the federal level remains unlikely. You can find our full rankings here in the PDF form, with detailed information about the cannabis environment in each state. To jump to the full regulatory summary for a particular state, just click on the state name in the chart below. Our methodology Jurisdictions are ranked on the following factors: Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from marijuana plants (THC…

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Source : Thompson Coburn: Updated cannabis state-by-state rankings guide – August 2021

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