Bernie Sanders Touts ‘Progress’ On Legalizing Marijuana And Ending The Drug War

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says Congress is “making progress” toward ending the drug war and federally legalizing marijuana, and it helps that more states are enacting the reform in the meantime. At a town hall event focused on Democrats’ large-scale budget plan last week, a voter said he was going to ask Sanders the same question he posed two years ago about when lawmakers are “going to end the racist, idiotic drug war.” The Senate Budget Committee chairman responded that he’s “happy to give you a better answer than I gave it two years ago in the sense that I think we’re making progress.” “My own view is that the so-called war on drugs has been an abysmal failure. It has destroyed god knows how many lives, disproportionately African American and Latino,” Sanders, a longstanding champion of marijuana reform, said at the Iowa event. “What you are now seeing is a radical change of consciousness with regard to that war. You are seeing state after state after state legalizing marijuana.”

“I would legalize marijuana nationally. I am supportive of that,” he added. “But we are making some progress in state after state.” Sanders later brought up marijuana separately when he was asked about the prospect of passing legislation to raise the federal minimum wage, especially when certain moderate Democrats in the Senate have signaled they wouldn’t be supportive of the policy change. The senator said he views the issue similarly to how he looks at cannabis reform. “The good news is that state after state is in fact passing $15 an hour legislation,” he said. “A number of states have done it. A number of cities have done it. We’re making progress in the same sense that we’re making progress of legalizing marijuana.”
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