White Boy Rick’s Transformation From Teen FBI Informant to Selling Legal Pot

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Former teen Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) informant and former prisoner Richard Wershe Jr.—known as “White Boy Rick”—spent 32 years of a life sentence for cocaine possession. Within weeks after being freed, Wershe teamed up with cannabis producer Pleasantrees to launch a brand called The 8th. Anyone who has seen 2018’s White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey knows the story: When Wershe was 14, he became an informant for the FBI—being forced to snitch on upper-level drug lords. He was the youngest FBI informant in U.S. history.  In the thick of the crack epidemic during the mid-80s, Wershe became deeply involved in the underbelly of the world of organized crime. Even though the FBI pushed him into that world working as an informant, Wershe was busted at age 17 for having eight kilos of cocaine. “I took money that they gave me to buy drugs, I then took those drugs and sold them,” Wershe told VICE. “They taught me to be a drug dealer and I became a drug dealer.”  Wershe was slapped with a life sentence in 1988 despite being under 18 years old.  White Boy Rick’s New Life Wershe—now 52—spent his entire adult life in prison, missing out on spending time with his dying father, among other events. He was finally released on good behavior from a halfway-house prison facility in Florida in July. On July 19, at 10:30 a.m., Wershe was picked up by his fiancée. Wershe filed a $100 million lawsuit against former FBI agents and prosecutors—alleging child abuse in connection with his time spent as an informant. As a 14-16-year-old at the time of his informant days, he just might have a solid case. Wershe alleges that in the beginning, his father reached out to the FBI, saying his daughter was dating a known drug…

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Source : White Boy Rick’s Transformation From Teen FBI Informant to Selling Legal Pot

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