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It seems like every month there’s a new cultivar vying for our attention. Fancy mylar this, rapper founder that—nine times out of 10 the hype isn’t living up to the product, and while consumers are hungry for the new, many brands are just rushing to market and hoping their marketing and influencer network will sell their product. Unfortunately for them, the most commonly overlooked, and frankly most important factor in breeding a new genetic, or growing for the top shelf, is the strength of your cultivators. That’s why when The Cure Company says they’ve got that new fire, I drop everything and tap in. Founded all the way back in 1996—the very same year Prop. 215 passed—it’s clear to even the farthest outsider that these guys care about their products, and that they are producing something special. While frequent readers of High Times should be more than familiar with The Cure Company by now, let their time in the space be the first co-sign for those out of the know. You don’t last this long in the industry if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if your product is low quality. The industry will eat you up. To the contrary, The Cure Company has successfully rode the waves of legalization—not just hanging on like most, but growing in both reputation and skill. Courtesy The Cure Company The subject of our Brand Spotlight in our September Art Issue specifically for the variety and vibrancy of their cultivars, The Cure Company has been bringing standout flavors with their own unique twist to market for years. In the past I’ve written about their Curelato, its descendent King-lato, and I even dropped some hints about this particular cultivar in my Quarantine Cop List, but now it’s time to open the kimono further… Introducing…

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