Interactive Cannabis College Opens in Central Florida


<![CDATA[A hands-on cannabis college focused on industry education, training, career placement, medical cannabis and more has expanded to central Florida.Learn Sativa University’s (SATU) hands-on program has been in operation for roughly four years. The university started in a 1,000-square-foot building, but has recently expanded to a 5-acre cannabis farm and training facility in Apopka, Fla., said Patrick O’Brien, SATU founder and CEO.The primary purpose of the college is pretty "straightforward," O’Brien said. "We aim towards two paths, and we’re looking for two types of individuals: either ones looking to land rewarding careers in the industry, or individuals looking to start businesses. Whether it be in cultivation, dispensary, or anything along those lines, we can assist with business plans, curriculum and everything from top to bottom," he said.He said that the campus features an indoor climate-controlled grow and a 50,000-square-feet outdoor greenhouse where students can learn through hands-on training. The college also offers online training for those who cannot attend in person.SATU’s hands-on and online courses include Marijuana Cookbook, Marijuana Laws, Marijuana Careers, Marijuana History, Marijuana Growing and Dispensary Management.Each course is a one-time 8-hour class, and students receive a certificate tailored to the subject upon completion, he said.© Courtesy of Learn Sativa UniversityStudents at SATU"Everybody starts with dispensary management. That is our core curriculum," O’Brien said. "The reason we start there is you have to have a wide understanding of all your opportunities in the industry. I have people who come and say, ‘I want to be a cultivator,’ and then they find out about extractions and completely shift their mindset. So, once you take that, we do provide you with advanced courses and consultation programs that you could get into advanced cultivation."After students receive a certificate in dispensary management, they can enroll in the other courses based on the career…

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