Denver Will Vote On Increasing Marijuana Taxes To Fund Pandemic-Related Research This Year

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Denver voters will soon decide whether to increase the local marijuana tax to fund pandemic-related research. Activists behind the initiative—which would impose an additional 1.5 percent tax on cannabis sales—were cleared for the November 2021 ballot in mid-July. That’s in addition to a separate statewide initiative voters will see on their November ballots that would raise marijuana taxes to fund programs that are meant to reduce the education gap for low-income students. The extra local funds raised by the Denver measure would be used for research into “advanced technologies to protect the public from the spread of pandemic pathogens, including at schools, businesses, and hospitals.” The studies will also look into “pandemic preparedness and recovery, including urban, economic, and school planning.” Those studies would be facilitated by the the University of Colorado at Denver. But activists working on the Denver Pandemic Fund campaign stressed in a statement to Westword that they have “no financial connection” to the college, and they “will not financially benefit from any funding in the ballot measure.” It’s a “purely philanthropic” effort. We have completed our review of the petition submitted by Committee for Pandemic Research Fund for an Initiated Ordinance. 9,982 signatures were determined to be valid and the measure will appear on the November 2, 2021 ballot. #COPolitics — Denver Elections (@DenverElections) July 15, 2021 The university will be required to “equitably allocate the funds” so that 75 percent must be dedicated to studies on “personal proactive equipment, disinfection and sterilization technology and design features of physical spaces,” according to the text of the initiative. The remaining 25 percent will support research into “public policy and planning.” “Global health experts warned of a pandemic threat for years before COVID-19,” the campaign’s website says. “Yet, when the virus hit, there was little planning in place.…

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