NBA Star Kevin Durant Takes Marijuana Advocacy to the Next Level


NBA star Kevin Durant has entered a new partnership with the cannabis technology platform Weedmaps that will focus on removing the stigma associated with cannabis use and how marijuana can improve a person’s health and overall wellness. In taking the step, Durant has gone beyond what most active athletes do (the 32-year-old Durant just signed a four-year contract extension with the Brooklyn Nets). While many retired stars advocate for cannabis, Durant is rare among current players in taking a pros-cannabis stance. In an interview with ESPN, Durant said: “I think it’s far past time to address the stigmas around cannabis that still exist in the sports world as well as globally. This partnership is going to help us continue to normalize those conversations.” Durant’s Marijuana Stance Unthinkable a Decade Ago Change has come rapidly for cannabis. A large majority of the population now favors legalization. More than a third of the population now lives where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Congress may make weed legal at the federal level. Sports have also changed. The major professional sports leagues have made changes so that a positive marijuana drug test does not automatically lead to a penalty. The NFL is even investigating the potential medical uses of cannabis. It’s a different world. Still, Kevin Durant is blazing new territory. Ten years ago – even five years ago – it would seem unthinkable. And even he draws a line. He wouldn’t speak to ESPN about his personal cannabis use. And the article pointed out that the NBA still officially bans marijuana use, leaving cannabis in a  “decriminalized gray area.“ The NBA stopped testing for marijuana during the 2020 season (played in a pandemic-caused “bubble” in Orlando) and testing did not resume for the 2020-2021 season. What Durant Will Do In New Partnership Weedmaps…

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Source : NBA Star Kevin Durant Takes Marijuana Advocacy to the Next Level

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