Navigating The Marijuana Legal Landscape: 5 Benefits For Consumers


  In the past couple of years, different cannabis laws have been passed that greatly transformed the market. While cannabis or marijuana had long been banned and prohibited for recreational and medical purposes, the new laws have paved the way to the gradual acceptance of the benefits of cannabis to people’s lives.  In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of the current medical-legal landscape of cannabis worldwide. You’ll have a better idea of how marijuana laws change misconceptions and provide better opportunities to the people and the economy. Determines Legal Rights, Obligations, And Compliance  Whether you want to become a recreational or medical marijuana user, it’s crucial to, first, know the existing cannabis laws in your area to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. It’s important for consumers to know where weed is legal to ascertain their legal rights, determine legal obligations, and ensure strict compliance with cannabis laws. So, what are the places where cannabis is legal? Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis by adults on October 17, 2018, which was the second country to do so after Uruguay. After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, small businesses have attained success in the country.  In the United States, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, but with 15 states that have fully legalized cannabis, which include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and the District of Columbia. Provides Travel Guidance  Navigating the cannabis legal landscape provides travel guidance for consumers. Before you bring your cannabis with you on a trip, it’s important to know the existing laws in that place or country. The countries with the harshest drugs laws include the following:  Iran Iran doesn’t tolerate criminal offenses, including the possession of cannabis. If anyone…

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