Top Mexican Senator Says Lawmakers Will Again Take Up Marijuana Legalization In New Session


Mexican lawmakers will again take up the issue of establishing rules for a regulated marijuana market in the new legislative session that begins on Wednesday, a top senator says. The country’s Supreme Court first deemed the prohibition on personal consumption and cultivation of cannabis for adults unconstitutional in 2018. Since then, there’s been an ongoing effort in the Congress to legislate on the issue—but lawmakers have repeatedly failed to meet court deadlines to end marijuana criminalization. The court took matters into its own hands in June and invalidated prohibition, without a regulatory scheme in place. Also that month, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said his administration will respect the court’s decision, and he indicated that further reforms could potentially be placed before voters on the ballot. But Sen. Julio Ramón Menchaca Salazar of the MORENA party said in a new statement on Monday that cannabis legalization will ideally be taken up by the legislature in the forthcoming session after regular orders of business are addressed. La Leyes para la Regulación del Cannabis y de Mecanismos Alternos de Solución de Controversias, así como las reformas al Código Nacional de Procedimientos Civiles y Familiares, son temas que forman parte de la agenda legislativa: @Julio_Menchaca. — Senadores Morena (@MorenaSenadores) August 30, 2021 The senator noted the fact that both the Senate and Chamber of Deputies have passed legislation to legalize and regulate cannabis, but could not agree on the details before lawmakers adjourned for the last session. “The ideal is to finish the legislative process—to be able to have, without the pressure of time, the possibility of retaking this opinion, taking the good that was done in the Chamber of Deputies, because some modifications were correct,” Menchaca, who chairs the Senate Justice Committee, said, according to a translation. He added, however, that…

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Source : Top Mexican Senator Says Lawmakers Will Again Take Up Marijuana Legalization In New Session

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