5 Questions with Nirvana Seeds


As part of our 5+5 promotion, Seedsman is sitting down with the breeders involved to learn a little bit more about who they are. Up next is Nirvana Seeds, one of the most respected and storied names in the seed bank world. Right now on Seedsman, add a 5 pack of Nirvana Seeds to your order and you will then receive a promo pack of 5 free seeds of the same type as your purchase (fem or auto fem) from the same breeder. If you have purchased fem seeds you will be sent 5 free fem seeds and if you order autos you will receive 5 auto free seeds! These will be automatically added to your cart. Here’s Nirvana’s CEO, Jan: How has the last crazy year impacted how Nirvana Seeds breeds and sells?  We have had our issues because of Covid and because of Brexit. It was kind of a perfect storm, so yes it was challenging. At the same time, more people decided to grow at home during the lockdowns. So, it’s been a good year for us, but I think we’re looking forward to a bit of business as usual. You’re one of the world’s most famous seed banks. Does this reputation help inspire you, or can it be a hindrance at times?  It’s definitely an inspiration. I have met so many people who would tell me, “Oh my first seeds were Nirvana Seeds”. There’s a lot of nostalgia around the brand and we’re embracing that. We’ve gone back to our roots, pardon the pun. We want to be the go-to place for classic Dutch strains, like Skunk #1, Top 44, and K-2. That has been a very successful strategy for us. With the weather so nice at the moment in many parts of Europe, what seeds would you recommend people begin harvesting…

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