Mexico’s First Cannabis Town


With cannabis plants in hand, a group of ambitious sugar cane farmers from Tetecala, Mexico, joined pro-legalisation activists at the Health Ministry office in the state capital of Cuernavaca, Morelos, to present officials with their petition requesting a license to cultivate marijuana. Their mission? To make Tetecala the first marijuana town in Mexico. The town has produced sugar cane for decades, but the crop value has crashed in recent years. Farmers now believe their green fingers could be better utilised to grow an altogether different plant – one which would be far more profitable and beneficial. Fellow farmer and spokesman for the farmers’ association, Alejandro Vello Arellano, told local media, “We are looking for the planting license because it is what we know how to do…..there shouldn’t be any middlemen. We submitted the license application to plant marijuana legally. What we are looking for is to change the direction of our town, to attract trade but also to attract tourism [and] benefit more than 20,000 inhabitants”. But the group soon learned they’d brought their case to the wrong officials and were informed that granting the license is the job of federal authorities. Situated in the Mexican municipality of Morelos, Tetecalos is known for its fertile land and lush vegetation, including abundant fruit trees. With a population of just over 6,000 people, the town has long relied on sugar cane as a means of income. But speaking in front of the Health Ministry building, Señor Vella Arellano explained that the crop has a value of 1,300 pesos during harvest season and is no longer profitable. The farmers believe securing a license to cultivate marijuana is the way to change Tetecala’s ailing fortunes, commenting, “By soliciting the license for the cultivation of marijuana, we are looking to change the trajectory of our…

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