I Doobie: 5 Must-Haves For a Weed Wedding

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Wedding season may be coming to a close this year but for the lovestruck, anxiety-ridden, nail-biting couple counting down every single second until their special day, you can use all the time in the world. Tending to every little detail is an inescapable task of wedding planning, but if you’re trying to pull off something a little different — like an epic weed wedding — it may be even harder to find ideas that fit your theme. If you need help figuring out ways to incorporate cannabis into one of the memorable days of your life, consider using one or all of these ideas at your wedding. Just make sure that your guests are properly educated before the day of the event, whether that means sending them information about the differences between smoking, vaping and eating edibles or having a trusted professional on-site to address any questions or concerns of your guests to ensure safety. Bud Bar At a bud bar, wedding attendees are able to choose from pre-selected strains to sample one or a combination of them. Picking a strain selection for your guests is similar to choosing your food menu — it’s important to consider your guests preferences and provide a variety of options, but it’s also a chance to show a bit of your own personal style and flair.  Consider hiring a professional budtender to assist guests with questions, keep things organized and flowing smoothly. Vape Station Whether you want to provide a handheld vaporizer like the Pax 3 or go all out with something a little more sophisticated with high-end tabletop vaporizers the Herbalizer or the Volcano, having an area for people who prefer to vape or are hesitant to partake in flower will be a big win for your wedding. If you have a bud…

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