Nextleaf Focused on Owning The Largest Patent Portfolio for the Extraction, Distillation, and Delivery of Cannabinoids


Health Canada Standard Processor and Vancouver, B.C.-based cannabis tech company Nextleaf Solutions Ltd. (CSE: OILS) (OTCMKTS: OILFF) announced that it was granted its 15th patent from The United States Patent and Trademark Office for the extraction and purification of THC and CBD on June 23. This announcement became one of over 80 patents held by the company, and makes it the third-largest portfolio of U.S. cannabis patents to date. The Right Technology, a Superior Product, and Upping the Game Nextleaf Solutions’s technologies are focused on transforming cannabis or hemp biomass to a standardized cannabinoid oil as efficiently as possible. The company aspires to be the world’s most innovative cannabis extractor developing technology for distilling THC and CBD oils for the global wholesale market. At its extraction refinery in Vancouver, more than a half-ton of cannabis biomass can be processed into oil every day. One example of how Nextleaf is working to develop high-quality and low-cost distillate products is with its ultrasonic extraction technology, which brought the company its 11th U.S. patent in December 2020. Ultrasonic extraction has been noted as an effective and rapid technique for extracting cannabis concentrate, and now Nextleaf has taken this technology to the next level. It’s capable of extracting cannabinoids from cannabis biomass in a non-flammable and inexpensive co-solvent system using a flow-through ultrasonic extraction system. “This technology has the potential to differentiate from the established extraction methods through the use of an innovative, continuously-fed cannabinoid extraction system,” commented Dr. David Novitski, co-author of Nextleaf’s 11th-issued U.S. patent. “The ability to continuously extract THC from biomass is a gamechanger in the realm of extraction.” Nextleaf owns two other substantial U.S. patents for the production of THC and CBD prodrugs known as THC-O-Acetate and CBD-O-Acetate. On June 15, the company announced its assembly of a Specialty Molecules Division to focus…

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Source : Nextleaf Focused on Owning The Largest Patent Portfolio for the Extraction, Distillation, and Delivery of Cannabinoids

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