Australian Company Exports Jamaican Cannabis Flower To Germany


Hemp Gazette as you’ll see in the report below are a little confused as to how Australians do business. This is a perfect example  Firstly don’t do it at home the government is too stupid and into the war on drugs to make it worthwhile. Secondly Buy or operate a company in a cheap market with a cheap workforce that you can exploit. Thirdly run a deal that supplies the product to the highest payer – yup… Germany will do the trick. Fourthly: Rake in the cash and pay very little tax because you’ve done a deal with the producer government because most likely they believe that you’ll create 1000’s of jobs when actually you’ll create 37 full time positions and they’ll all be mates. And so on and so forth……. Hemp Gazette report Australia’s Cannim says it has completed the first ever legal export of Jamaican cannabis flower to Germany. Huh? While based in Sydney, Cannim has invested in farms, EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-compliant production facilities and research programs in Australia ..and Jamaica. Its 500 acre facility in Jamaica operates a mix of greenhouses, hoop houses and outdoor grow area with the capacity to generate over 1 tonne of flower per month. The farm also has a processing license and is GMP certified by the Jamaican Ministry of Health and Wellness. “Germany represents a huge opportunity for Cannim, and our ability to cultivate high quality, medical grade Jamaican cannabis that meets the strict standards of the German Pharmacopoeia is testament to the professionalism of our teams in Jamaica and Australia,” said Cannim’s Chief Commercial Officer Stuart Marsh. Mr. Marsh applauded the level of support the company received from the Jamaican government in helping to make the export happen. Stuart Marsh Chief Commercial Officer at Cannim “In particular, we’d like…

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Source : Australian Company Exports Jamaican Cannabis Flower To Germany

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