UConn Researchers Identify Pathogens Infecting Cannabis Plants in CT


University of Connecticut have published the following article on their website The study showed and helped address the presence of Pythium pathogens in Connecticut’s cannabis growing facilities   Cannabis has become an important part of Connecticut’s economy. With the recent legalization of adult recreational marijuana use, it is only expected to continue growing. This means it’s important to make sure cannabis plants themselves are also, literally, growing, as well as they can. Ph.D. candidate Cora S. McGehee and associate professor of horticulture Rosa E. Raudales from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources published a study in Frontiers in Agronomy documenting the presence of pathogens infecting cannabis plants in Connecticut. This was the first paper that showed these pathogens are present in Connecticut’s cannabis growing facilities. Plants of all kinds, including cannabis, suffer from infections by a variety of pathogens. So, McGehee and Raudales stumbled into this study by accident. McGehee’s research focuses on plant-microbe interactions in relation to root diseases caused by pathogenic Pythium species in hydroponic lettuce. But her training and Raudales’ expertise in plant pathology put them in a unique position to address similar concerns in a new, high potential crop. “It’s unavoidable with all the cannabis production around us,” McGehee says. They were called in on a site visit to assess overall plant health on some cannabis plants in a Connecticut facility. However, during their visit the researchers quickly realized some of the plants were symptomatic of root rot, a disease that causes yellowing, wilting, and reduced growth. From there, the researchers’ curiosity took over as they tried to get to the bottom of this disorder infecting these plants. The researchers took soilless substrate samples from coconut coir and rockwool the plants were growing in and performed a series of analyses and experiments. They took samples from the seedling stage as well…

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Source : UConn Researchers Identify Pathogens Infecting Cannabis Plants in CT

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