Women Report Better Orgasms After Using Cannabis


Last week we detailed the impact of cannabis on male sexual health. So, it’s only fair that we also talk about the sexual effects of weed on women. There’s good news is several studies have revealed that cannabis dramatically improves the quality of women’s orgasms, sex drive, and pleasure. The biological mechanisms behind this improvement in sexual enjoyment are not fully understood. However, scientists believe that cannabinoid receptors play a crucial role in regulating hormones that control sexual function. Related Post Cannabis And Erectile Dysfunction The Link Between Cannabis And Orgasms A study that appeared in the journal Sexual Medicine in 2017 found that women who use cannabis are more than twice as likely to report satisfactory orgasms. A total of 373 women took part in the study, 176 of whom were regular users. Of these, 127 claimed to have smoked cannabis before having sex at some point in their lives. “Among those who reported using marijuana before sex, 68.5 percent stated that the overall sexual experience was more pleasurable, 60.6 percent noted an increase in sex drive, and 52.8 percent reported an increase in satisfying orgasms,” wrote the study authors. Women who reported using cannabis before sex also “had 2.13 higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms than women who reported no marijuana use.” In addition, women who use cannabis frequently were 2.10 times more likely to experience satisfactory orgasms than non-users, regardless of whether or not they smoked before sex. These findings mirror those of several past studies on the impact of cannabis on female orgasms. For instance, 53.5 percent of respondents in one survey said that cannabis increased their sexual enjoyment, with 44.9 percent saying it enhanced the intensity of their orgasms. Notably, however, the 2017 study involved a larger group of women and found that an even…

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