How to Fireproof Your Cannabis Farm and Other Fire Safety Tips

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Up here in the Mendocino Highlands we had another wildfire scare last week. The Bell Fire was just about four miles away from our ranch, at the bottom of the hill off Highway 101. Thanks to the immediate response of our Bell Springs Fire Brigade and the nearby CalFire station (plus a few helicopters and planes), it was contained rapidly and only burned 50 acres. Everyone living on the many properties in the surrounding area were evacuated in a hurry. This was not only a close call, but a warning. Last year we also had more close calls. Two fires were about 15 miles away, one to the south east and another to the north east. Depending on wind speed and direction, 15 miles is not very far away. At one point we had to evacuate for three days due to a shift of the winds toward us, plus the intensity and density of the smoke. The sky at midday was a mixture of orange and black with white ashes falling like snow. It truly looked like hell on earth. We have been thinking about fire preparedness for several years, as this is now the new unfortunate reality we live in. Hopefully these practices can help others avoid disaster.    Preparing a Property for Fire Prevention First off, CalFire has a list of recommendations that apply to all properties: Clear a 100 feet “defensible space” around all structures, including combustable materials leaning against or under the house.Trim and prune tree limbs and branches to at least five feet above ground to break the “fire ladder” of combustible material. Trim higher the closer they are to structures.Clean out gutters regularly.Mow your grassy areas, preferably in late spring, but if you do it later be careful of sparks from the mower blades.…

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Source : How to Fireproof Your Cannabis Farm and Other Fire Safety Tips

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