CB Therapeutics Expands Biomanufacturing IP Portfolio


CB Therapeutics has been awarded two additional patents for its breakthrough biosynthesis platform. These patents cover new cellular agriculture advances for producing high value compounds. CB Therapeutics is building the largest collection of biosynthetic cannabinoids, psychedelics, and their analogs, the PsyVault™. SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CB Therapeutics is a leading biosynthesis company focused on the research and development of environmentally-friendly products to improve mental health, increase healthspan, and promote longevity. CB Therapeutics is happy to announce that it has been awarded two more patents for the novel methods of production of high value molecules using cutting-edge biosynthesis technologies. These patents (11,041,002B1 and 10,988,785B1) cover inventions on cellular agriculture breakthroughs for producing cannabinoids and precursors to various other compounds, including those in the burgeoning psychedelic space. “We are very excited about these patent awards. With the growing mental health crisis, the ability to generate pure, sustainable, and scalable therapeutics is more important than ever,” said Dr. Jacob Vogan, CSO of CB Therapeutics. “Everyone deserves a healthy, fulfilling life. We’re proud to be at the forefront of a new biomanufacturing revolution, producing compounds with great potential to improve wellbeing, and to do so without a detrimental impact on the environment.” “We have always been focused on generating value for the good of society and our investors. As a leader in synthetic biology of the cannabinoid, psychedelic, and other spaces, we continue to gain validation of our bioplatform. We are dedicated to the development of new therapeutics, the improvement of sustainable processes, and the technologies that streamline the validation and production of new molecules. Our recent Series A funding enabled us to expand our capabilities and brilliant team. We’ll be developing molecules quicker than ever before, as we have dramatically enhanced our ability to work on many important projects in parallel,” said Sher Ali Butt,…

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Source : CB Therapeutics Expands Biomanufacturing IP Portfolio

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