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Here’s what they say Medicinal Cannabis Access Data Dashboard 19 August 2021 To improve transparency and data accessibility, the TGA publishes de-identified data on the number of unapproved medicinal cannabis products accessed through the Special Access Scheme (SAS). The Medicinal Cannabis Access Data Dashboard is a web-based platform that allows the public to access and filter this data through interactive graphs: Medicinal cannabis Special Access Scheme category A data Medicinal cannabis Special Access Scheme category B data The dashboard is updated monthly, with figures correct at the time of publishing. These may change to reflect updates from subsequent application cancellations, withdrawals and amendments. The dashboard includes access data since 1992 when TGA received the first known medicinal cannabis SAS application. However, the majority of approvals have occurred since 2016. Sativex (nabiximols) and Epidyolex (cannabidiol) are approved medicinal cannabis products included in the ARTG. Data on the use of these products is not included in the Dashboard. Approval and notification numbers do not equal the actual number of patients receiving these medicines under the SAS. This is because one patient can be associated with repeat applications for a single product as well as with approvals for multiple products. SAS applications contain de-identified patient information, so it is not possible for the TGA to report on individual patient numbers. SAS approval or notification also does not mean the patient has accessed or continues to access treatment. Following approval, the actual supply of medicinal cannabis is a matter for the medical practitioner and their patient. The TGA is committed to ongoing transparency and will release additional datasets in the future, including information on Authorised Prescriber applications and further data on the concentrations of active ingredients. If you have a disability and are unable to use the dashboard, please contact sends e-mail) to access the data…

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