Oregon Cannabis Ranch Tied to Human Trafficking

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A ranch in southern Oregon was reportedly raided last week over suspicion of various illegal activity, including cannabis cultivation and human trafficking.  According to a report from Jefferson Public Radio, the sheriff’s department in Josephine County, Oregon conducted the raid on Wednesday as “ part of a larger investigation that began with the death of a man from a different illegal marijuana farm.”  “The man had been driven to the Chevron gas station in Cave Junction in critical condition and left there,” the report said. “The man later died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Within two days of his death, that Martin Road farm had been harvested, and the workers moved to this ranch, called the Q Bar X Ranch, in the Illinois Valley.” The station said that the allegations of human trafficking “followed multiple 911 hangup calls that came from the property, as well as a source who is remaining anonymous for their own safety,” with the Josephine County sheriff, Dave Daniel, saying that the farms have the look of cartels. “We’ve heard of the threat of harm to your family if you don’t go with us,” Daniel told Jefferson Public Radio. “And then they are transported up to the location. From what we are understanding, these workers are not paid until the end of the year when the shipment goes out and the money is brought in. There’s not like a weekly payroll going on here.” The investigation is an extensive effort, with the county sheriff’s department being assisted by more than a dozen other state and federal law enforcement agencies that include both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The raid itself proved just as substantial. Jefferson Public Radio reported that 250 law enforcement officials entered the property,…

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Source : Oregon Cannabis Ranch Tied to Human Trafficking

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