CBD Linked To Major Improvements In Epilepsy Patients


The recent approval of CBD products such as Epidiolex to treat various forms of epilepsy has highlighted the cannabinoid’s therapeutic potential. Yet, the cost of such prescription medications makes them unsuitable for many patients. For this reason, “artisanal CBD” – which can be produced at home or purchased from a non-pharmaceutical source – has become highly popular among those suffering from epilepsy, inflammation, chronic pain, and a range of other conditions. According to new research, epilepsy patients who use these alternative CBD products can expect to experience a significant improvement in their overall health and quality of life. Related Post How CBD Prevents Seizures In Children With Epilepsy Artisanal CBD And Epilepsy Published in the journal Epilepsy and Behavior, the new study analyses the outcomes experienced by 280 epilepsy sufferers who routinely ingest artisanal CBD, as well as 138 patients who do not use the cannabinoid. Strikingly, the authors noted that the CBD-using group tended to require fewer prescriptions medications, with this being driven by a reduced need for anticonvulsant drugs. Those in the CBD group tolerated their epilepsy medications far better than those who didn’t use the cannabinoid, with significantly fewer side effects occurring. Overall, psychiatric health was better among the patients taking CBD, who were less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. In their write-up, the authors explain that this may be a direct result of the therapeutic properties of CBD or could be due to the cannabinoid’s capacity to ameliorate the emotional dysregulation that is often produced by epilepsy drugs. Epilepsy patients who used CBD also reported better sleep and fewer visits to the emergency room than those who did not use CBD. Unsurprisingly, therefore, they also reported a higher quality of life, while their caregivers tended to experience less strain than those caring for epilepsy…

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Source : CBD Linked To Major Improvements In Epilepsy Patients

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