Pretty in Pink: A Glimpse at Green Source Garden’s Pinkleberry Strain

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Amidst the forested foothills at the junction of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges, a steeply terraced hillside garden sits resplendent with row after row of dazzlingly vibrant cannabis in magnificent full bloom. On this south-facing slope in southern Oregon, chuffy colas gleam with vigorous vitality as they bask in the midmorning sun. A kaleidoscopic array glows in vivid shades of green, splashed with bright yellow fennel and dotted with plush purple buds radiating florid fuchsia pistils. The brilliantly hued varietals on display at Green Source Gardens did not acquire their exotic coloration by accident. Co-owner Elizabeth Luca-Mahmood says a joking motto around here is: “If it ain’t pink, it better stink!” “And if you’ve got a pink bud that stinks, that’s what we call a keep-stink,” she says. “The Pinkleberry is a keep-stink.” Overlooking an expansive vista from the top of the hill, the thick magenta Pinkleberry flowers are almost unfathomably luscious. Because these plants are grown from seed, each is a unique individual with slight variations from her sisters. “I love watching it grow, and the smell is all piney and so good, and then you’ve got that deep relationship with it when you smoke it,” Luca-Mahmood says. “[The high is] really zingy, heady, active. It gets your brain flying, which I love when I’m cleaning the house, or I need to go out and do some monotonous task or something. I like that zinginess.” Her husband, Nick Mahmood, says that Green Source Gardens’ original genetics are primarily derived from a handful of Blackberry and Afgoo seeds obtained in Northern California’s Mendocino County several years ago. Developing Blackberry eventually produced the striking mix of pink and purple that distinguishes Pinkleberry. Charming the Bees & Dragonflies These gorgeous specimens have achieved Instagram fame, with glamour shots routinely garnering thousands…

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Source : Pretty in Pink: A Glimpse at Green Source Garden’s Pinkleberry Strain

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