Understanding the Impact of CBD on Arthritis Pain in Dogs


Dogs suffer from arthritic pain as much as humans. Osteoarthritis in dogs can set in as early as when they are five years old. Although studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial for improving conditions like spasms, anxiety disorders, and pains, there are still several grey areas that the researchers are trying to figure out. However, veterinary studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial for relieving the same symptoms in animals like cats and dogs. It can be a viable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs if administered under the guidance of a vet or animal therapist. If you also want to try CBD oil for dogs with arthritis, understand some pertinent facts first. Here, they are: How Can CBD Help Dogs with Pain? Pain in the muscles and joints is often the result of old age, and inevitable for almost every dog at some point in its life. CBD makes the endocannabinoid system in the body work more efficiently and reduces the impact of pain signals sent to the brain. The FDA has not confirmed or certified the use of CBD on animals. However, associations like the American Kennel Club, in association with specialists, have suggested that CBD can help relieve many kinds of pain in a dog, including osteoarthritis. Impact of CBD on Dogs Reducing Inflammation Osteoarthritis can cause inflammation in the joints and heaviness in the limbs. This can prevent dogs from regular exercises, causing them to slow down. Lack of exercise will deplete your pet of its energy, reduce its vigor and result in loss of appetite. Also, your dog will be in constant discomfort and might whimper while trying to move around. CBD can help reduce inflammation, and it will likewise lessen the associated pain. You may consider using CBD for dog pain as it…

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Source : Understanding the Impact of CBD on Arthritis Pain in Dogs

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