NBA Star Kevin Durant Teams Up With Weedmaps To Destigmatize Marijuana In Sports

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The online marijuana marketplace Weedmaps is teaming up with NBA star Kevin Durant for a multi-year partnership that’s aimed at destigmatizing cannabis and showcasing the plant’s potential value for “athlete wellness and recovery.” Together with Thirty Five Ventures, a philanthropic organization founded by Durant, they plan to elevate the conversation around athletics and marijuana as more states move to legalize and more athletes begin to open up about their relationship with the plant. The cannabis industry is now positioned to “go on a path where it’s creating opportunity for a lot of people, it’s giving back to the communities that frankly got screwed over as a result of the war on drugs,” Chris Beals, CEO of Weedmaps, said during an interview with Thirty Five Ventures’s media network Boardroom that aired on Thursday. “Being able to partner and tell stories—there’s so many kind of OGs and folks who have come through and clawed their way to get to this point where we are now, and I mean I couldn’t think of a better partnership to kind of help shed light on.”

The new partnership will involve an original content series produced by Boardroom and Weedmaps that’s tentatively slated to debut next year. It will also involve podcasts, co-branded events and exclusive merchandise. Durant said that the stigma around marijuana use among athletes has been gradually eroding. “The band aid has been ripped off in the sports world,” he said. However “it’s kind of an undercover thing that players use cannabis, and use it throughout when they’re actively playing.” “I thought it was always interesting that the rest of the world was a little slower to be open about cannabis and its use, but to see, walking down the street—I live in San Francisco—you walk around the corner, there’s four…

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Source : NBA Star Kevin Durant Teams Up With Weedmaps To Destigmatize Marijuana In Sports

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