Psychedelics Can Help Mitigate Symptoms Of Racial Trauma For People Of Color, Study Finds

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The use of psychedelics seems to be correlated with a decrease in racial trauma symptoms for people of color, according to a new study published in the journal Chronic Stress. Researchers were quick to point out that psychedelics like psilocybin and MDMA do not address the underlying, systemic issues that contribute to racial trauma—like, for example, the overcriminalization of communities of color through the war on drugs. But data collected from surveys indicate that the substances may mitigate some of the psychological distress resulting from those systemic issues. The purpose of the study was to investigate whether the increased psychological flexibility that many people experience after consuming psychedelics could help curb racial trauma symptoms. People of color (POC) have been historically underrepresented in studies related to the substances, the authors pointed out, making it all the more important to explore the potential relationship. While the subjective nature of surveys, as opposed to clinical trials, means there are limitations to the study, the researchers said the findings demonstrate the need for more inclusive psychedelics research that further explore the role psychedelics could have in reducing symptoms of racial trauma. “POC face substantial health disparities, including unique and often under-treated mental health challenges. Among these, trauma and racial trauma are particularly debilitating and difficult to treat,” the authors wrote. The study builds on existing research indicating that psychedelics “represent a promising path ahead for developing novel, tailored interventions for POC that incorporate the current wave of research and clinical interest in psychedelic-assisted therapies.” “Although psychedelic-assisted interventions may not directly impact systemic factors such as poverty, unemployment, and criminal justice inequity that greatly contribute to current mental health disparities, they do comprise a critical potential avenue for improving mental health outcomes in POC, which is urgently needed.” There were 313 people of color…

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Source : Psychedelics Can Help Mitigate Symptoms Of Racial Trauma For People Of Color, Study Finds

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