New York Cannabis Law: Does Cuomo’s Resignation Speed up Legislation?


Cannabis legalisation in New York received the green light in March 2021, after outgoing Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that would allow greater access to medical cannabis and legalise recreational use. While New York initially rejoiced, the movement stalled under Cuomo. His recent resignation has raised questions regarding whether the new governor, Kathy Hochul, will help to speed up or delay the rollout of legal cannabis sales. Delay in Rollout of Legal Cannabis Industry It’s no secret that the soon-to-depart Democrat Governor quietly opposed legalisation for years. He would only openly consider changes after former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon made a bid for the gubernatorial seat in 2018.

Back then, Nixon was polling well. She had made it known that the legalisation of weed would be a campaign priority. Nixon’s polling increased, forcing Cuomo‘s hand on the issue, leading him to include legalisation in his plans. With legalisation providing valuable tax dollars in other states, he decided to sign off on the bill in March 2021. But Cuomo then dragged his heels. He failed to prioritise it in his budget, and is yet to nominate an executive director for his Office of Cannabis Management. name delegates to the Cannabis Control Board. Governor Cuomo had proposed the establishment of an “Office of Cannabis Management” to govern the new adult-use industry in addition to the existing medical and hemp industries. He proposed a healthy distribution of revenue gathered from taxes, but his plans had yet to bear fruit as of his resignation on August 10th. The bill would allow dispensaries to sell people over 21 three ounces of marijuana per person daily, increasing the one-ounce typical in other states across the nation. This stalled several times before eventually being signed into play in the early spring.…

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Source : New York Cannabis Law: Does Cuomo’s Resignation Speed up Legislation?

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