Swedish Musician Tove Lo Unveils New Cannabis Beverage

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Swedish musician and cannabis aficionado Tove Lo announced her partnership with a cannabis beverage company to make an infused drink called Passion Peach Mate. In a press release on August 18, the electro-pop artist shared that she’s working with Cann, a California infused beverage company, as well as Sweet Flower and Airfield Supply Company to make a special, caffeinated beverage. She teased the new product on social media, tagged with “my peach is the tea and you’re gonna want to hit it more than once. a different kind of buzz is coming soon @drinkcann @airfieldsupply @sweet.flower.shops” on August 12. In an official press statement, Tove Lo explains that this drink was born of a close collaboration, not just between business partners but between friends. “I’ve been obsessed with Cann since the first time I tried it a few years ago,” she said. “I love the high, the flavors, the design and also the people who run it. I mean, I even started watching Luke’s dog from time to time! This collaboration is a collaboration between friends and likeminded humans and those are always the best! I’m so happy to be a part of this new flavor, I love the campaign we’ve created together with our teams! Overall feeling invincible on Passion Peach Mate, I’m living for it!” Swedish Passion in a U.S. Drink Passion Peach Mate is the first product made by Cann that contains “all-natural caffeine” with a microdosed amount of THC. According to a press release, Passion Peach Mate will offer a “sweet peach taste with an uplifting, energetic buzz” that mimics the popularity of vodka mate (pronounced “Mah-tay”) drinks in Berlin clubs. Courtesy of Cann The Tove Lo-inspired drink will be offered in 12-ounce cans, each with 5mg of THC, and sold for $20 per pack. For now, it will…

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