B Noble to Expand to Six States and Enlist Gallery PR

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Last July, hip-hop historian, artist and filmmaker Fred “Fab 5 Freddy” Brathwaite and former prisoner Bernard Noble launched B Noble, a symbolic cannabis brand sold in two-joint packs—the same amount of cannabis that initially led to Noble’s inhuman prison sentence. B Noble recently teamed up with the Latina-owned Gallery PR as an agency of record which is based in Los Angeles and New York City. B Noble also announced six new states to its list of Curaleaf locations where you can find the company’s products. In 2010, Bernard Noble was minding his own business when he was stopped by two police officers while riding his bicycle in New Orleans. He was stopped, frisked and arrested for possession of two joints’ worth (2.8g) of weed, leading to a 13-year sentence of hard labor in a Louisiana state prison. “I was labeled as a kingpin with a $5 marijuana charge,” Noble told High Times last month. While difficult to comprehend—hard labor is tolerated as a punishment for felony charges in Louisiana. Noble was found guilty of the state’s “habitual offender” law, leading to his sentence “at hard labor.” The Atlantic called Louisiana’s forced labor laws “American slavery, reinvented,” as even the Thirteenth Amendment forbids involuntary servitude in most cases. It was a clear-cut case of how Black people are targeted by cannabis laws despite nearly equal rates of usage, and the racist elements of prohibition that are impossible to ignore—even today. Thankfully, Bernard’s case eventually drew attention on social media. And as a result, Bernard was released after serving seven years into his sentence. “Bernard’s case happened to be the case that I decided to focus on to show the incredible injustice of these War on Drugs, sham cannabis laws that have plagued people for 80-plus years,” Fab 5 Freddy told High…

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Source : B Noble to Expand to Six States and Enlist Gallery PR

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