Virginia Lawmakers Consider Launching Recreational Marijuana Sales Early Through Medical Dispensaries

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The medical industry wants temporary licenses to sell recreational cannabis on the condition they incubate social equity businesses. By Ned Oliver, Virginia Mercury Virginia lawmakers are already discussing speeding up the three-year delay between marijuana legalization last month and the beginning of retail sales. “We have legalized the use of marijuana, but we have not legalized the actual purchase of marijuana,” said Del. Paul Krizek, D-Alexandria, during the inaugural meeting Tuesday of the legislature’s Joint Commission on Cannabis Oversight. “What we need to do is get the safe sales of marijuana out there as soon as possible.” Members of the commission outlined a proposal from the state’s four licensed medical marijuana producers to begin selling to recreational customers while the broader marketplace ramps up. The medical industry, which currently can only sell to patients registered with the state board of pharmacy, had unsuccessfully pushed for the measure as lawmakers debated legalization last year. But the proposal didn’t make it into the final bill because lawmakers said they were worried it would give the companies an unfair head start and make it harder for small and minority owned businesses to compete later. But some lawmakers are sounding less comfortable with their decision to legalize marijuana without providing a way to buy it. Currently, the only legal way to obtain the drug is to grow it yourself or receive it as a gift from someone who has, and even that arrangement is complicated by the fact that it is not legal to purchase seeds or plants. Krizek worried that waiting until 2024 to open the recreational marketplace—time lawmakers said they needed to write regulations and begin issuing licenses—would only boost illegal market. “People know it’s legal and they probably think they can buy it legally. And it’s going to become more and…

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Source : Virginia Lawmakers Consider Launching Recreational Marijuana Sales Early Through Medical Dispensaries

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