Microdosing Cannabis Explained


Microdosing – the practice of regularly taking minuscule amounts of a substance for beneficial properties rather than to get high – is not new. But recently, microdosing cannabis has slowly crept into the mainstream. From creative types to business leaders and even stay-at-home moms, microdosing cannabis and psychedelics have become a thing. You might even call it trendy. Taking a tiny dose of cannabis – 5mg or less of THC – can bedone in a lot of ways. You can experiment with a lightly-dusted joint. But, to ensure an accurate dose and eliminate smoking risks, using THC oil and a dropper is the way to go. Edibles do the trick as well. Each edible typically contains a clearly indicated amount of THC to enable accurate loading. Why Microdosing Cannabis can be Beneficial You don’t want to get buzzed. You just want the benefits, and those benefits can be plentiful. Regular cannabis microdosers report a range of positive effects.  I spoke with Malcolm Cameron, a 48-year-old farmer from Ayrshire, Scotland, who’s been microdosing THC for a little over 4 months and prefers loading with a dropper and THC oil. “It’s given me so much relief. My back has been troubling me for years after a lifetime working the farms, and I gave microdosing a try after reading an article about it last year. I got a hold of some THC oil online and tried it. The first few days, I began to notice an improvement in my back, but it was the other changes which really surprised me – I wasn’t feeling as sluggish when I woke up in the mornings as I used to, and I found myself in a generally better mood throughout the day.” While accounts such as these are plentiful, science has further work to do before…

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