Half Of Americans Have Tried Marijuana, New Gallup Poll Finds

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Nearly half of American adults have tried marijuana, according to a new poll from Gallup, and more than one in ten say they actively smoke cannabis. The research institution has been surveying people about trying marijuana since the early 1970s, and for decades the percentage of Americans who said they’ve done so remained in the 30 percent range. That’s changed demonstrably in recent years as more states have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use and public sentiment on the issue shifted. The latest poll found the 49 percent of respondents said “yes” when asked if they “ever happened to try marijuana.” Via Gallup. It’s not clear what share of the apparent increase in use could be attributable to people who previously consumed becoming more comfortable admitting it in light of the end of criminalization in a growing number of jurisdictions. Interestingly, while experimentation has increased, according to the poll, active use has stayed relatively consistent. Twelve percent of respondents said they currently smoke cannabis—which is the same result as Gallup’s 2019 survey and one percentage point lower than in 2013. Gallup pointed out that “nearly as many Americans today say they smoke marijuana as say they smoke cigarettes.” Roughly half of U.S. adults, 49%, have ever tried marijuana; 12% say they smoke it. https://t.co/aSVipxdsVu — GallupNews (@GallupNews) August 17, 2021 It should be noted that the survey language specifically asks if people actively “smoke” marijuana. It stands to reason that more people would have said they currently use cannabis if that was broadened out to include other methods of delivery such as vaping or edibles. In any case, the poll also reveals interesting demographic details about those who said they’ve at least tried marijuana at one point or currently use it. Taking an average of results from 2015-2021, about…

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