Lidl Grocery Store Chain Raided by Bavarian Police Over CBD cookies

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Lidl just experienced a grocery store chain being raided, and all because of CBD cookies.  In a rather amusing or shocking incident, depending on where you sit, the German police have raided a Lidl grocery store in Bavaria (known locally not only as Bayern but also somewhat accurately as the “Texas of Deutschland”) over some CBD cookies. Plus, it was reported they raided the establishment for another assorted, otherwise innocuous 20 products including “cannabis energy drinks” and “hash brownies.” The incident, as reported in the München Abendzeitung (an evening newspaper of the digital kind), is a testament to how difficult the local cannabis market still is, even for big companies that decide to join the hemp parade. Beyond the legal issues and technicalities, the humor in this story (not to mention the cautionary tale) is manifest. It is certainly a cannabis-scented grim fairy tale gone rather bad. The “Texas of Germany” and Cannabinoids To set the scene for those who have never experienced Bavaria in the flesh, this is a bucolic part of the world known for a few things that are also broadly popular elsewhere—football (albeit of the soccer kind) and beer (of the German variety).  And, of course, it’s also known for strange fashion ideas that lead to adult human beings being not the least bit self-conscious in walking down the street even at high noon in “traditional” German clothing. This attire is known as lederhosen or leather shorts (for gentleman) and Dirndls, a kitsch, Cinderella-Disney kind of outfit with lots of cleavage and poof as well as a lace up corset (for ladies). The locals do this even in months that are not October (known, of course, locally for Oktoberfest and internationally for Halloween). Beyond the rather odd local fashions, there is certainly an aspect to Bavaria that…

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