Arizona: Phoenix Woman Who Used Cannabis During Her Pregnancy Appeals Child Endangerment Case


Cover Image:  Julie Gunnigle – Lawyer For  Lindsay Ridgell The Phoenix New Times reports A group of organizations and individuals led by National Advocates for Pregnant Women and including comedian Amy Schumer have weighed in on a lawsuit in support of a Phoenix woman accused of child endangerment for her legal use of cannabis during a difficult portion of her pregnancy. CV210069 On July 1, the group filed an amicus brief with the Arizona Court of Appeals on behalf of “45 leading health organizations, doctors, ethicists, scientific and medical experts, and advocates,” in support of Lindsay Ridgell, who was found guilty of civil child neglect and placed on Arizona’s Child Abuse Central Registry because she used medical marijuana during her pregnancy to allay the symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG, a condition that causes severe and life-threatening nausea, vomiting and dehydration. The registry is a clearinghouse of reports related to child abuse and neglect, and the information may be used for purposes including determination qualifications for persons employed in positions providing service to children or vulnerable adults. It is also a tool used to “determine the nature and scope of child abuse and neglect” and compare Arizona data to national trends, regardless of whether that neglect or abuse arose from the lawful or unlawful use of substances, a mental illness or incapacity, or simply an inability to properly care for a child. Inclusion in the registry can have a detrimental effect on the lives of those included, with a 25-year term that can follow a person for the majority of their adult lives. The Ridgell case is an appeal of the Department of Child Safety’s decision to keep a former employee of the department on the registry. “The law is abundantly clear,” said Scottsdale attorney Julie Gunnigle. “The AMMA [Arizona…

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Source : Arizona: Phoenix Woman Who Used Cannabis During Her Pregnancy Appeals Child Endangerment Case

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