NZ: ‘Ripped-off’ Dunedin cannabis buyer took law into his own hands


The Otago Daily Times reports..  Dunedin man who was ripped off in a $100 cannabis deal will spend the next six months on a curfew. Tyler Stephen Coll, 25, was so aggrieved his dealer 20-year-old Tobias Waring had not delivered with the class-C drug, he visited him early on August 10 last year. Outside, the defendant provided a friend — whom he later refused to name — with a balaclava and an imitation firearm and they knocked on the door of the flat. When a ranch slider was opened, they went in and Coll demanded his money back as the other man brandished the fake weapon and yelled at the four occupants of the house. Waring fetched some cash from his room and gave it to the defendant. The transaction, however, was complicated when a neighbour knocked on the door, concerned about the commotion. Waring’s girlfriend shouted that there was a gun, prompting Coll and his associate to bolt from the address.

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Source : NZ: ‘Ripped-off’ Dunedin cannabis buyer took law into his own hands

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