Malta: Prison over 0.02 grams of cannabis, and a 20-year wait for justice to be served


Malta is not a place to engage with any form of govt or authority.. Malta Today reports Arrested in 2001 but arraigned 18 months later, Eugenio Camenzuli posted a guilty plea on his first sitting in 2006, but spent 20 years before an appeal overturned a prison sentence for just 0.02g of cannabis. The court of Criminal Appeal handed a 63-year-old man a suspended sentence for cultivating just 0.02 of a gram of cannabis 20 years ago, sparing him the six-month prison sentence he had originally been handed. Eugenio Camenzuli had been 43 when he was arrested for cultivating the plant in 2001. He was only arraigned 18 months later, in 2002, and then again in 2006 for his first sitting. At the time he had told the police someone in Paceville had given him cannabis, and that he had hung on to the seeds, planting and watering them. Three plants had sprouted, but when police came to his house, he pulled them up and threw them out of the window in a panic. Camenzuli’s filing of an admission of guilty in the first sitting in 2006, meant he was handed the minimum sentence under law in force at the time: six months in prison and a Lm200 (€465) fine. The court had then noted that Camenzuli had a stable job, was respected and trusted at his workplace and had already completed a drug rehabilitation programme. Although only 0.02g of cannabis had been found in the man’s possession, being in the natural form the plant was considered as cultivation and not simple possession, mandating a prison sentence. Madam Justice Consuelo Scerri Herrera, deciding the appeal, observed the five-year gap between arrest and arraignment, during which the man had stopped using drugs. She noted all this good work would be undone…

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Source : Malta: Prison over 0.02 grams of cannabis, and a 20-year wait for justice to be served

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