How to Deal With Cannabis-Induced Panic Attacks

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Although cannabis is often associated with relaxing, mellow effects full of smiles and laughter, in certain situations, depending on the intensity of the strain and the tolerance of the user, the herb can bring on some unwanted vibes in the form of a full-blown panic attack. It is the kind of scenario that typically plays out in a social setting, where a group of bright-eyed cannabis enthusiasts brimming with curiosity have been experimenting with the current powers of pot. Everyone in the room is smoking popular, high-THC strains, like Blue Dream and GG #4, eating cannabis edibles without regard to the recommended dosage and maybe even sipping on cannabis cocktail — a real gang of go-getters. It doesn’t take long before all of the life in the room is stoned to the bone. It feels good to be alive in a world where weed is legal. But then, all of sudden, one of the newbies in the group cries out in horror from over in the corner, behind the plastic fern, screaming, “Guys, I can’t breathe…I can’t $*%#%*& breathe,” followed by some incessant babble about how they are going to swallow their tongue if someone doesn’t get in the kitchen find them some Benadryl. In a matter of seconds, the individual, driven by dread, goes frantically searching for a trapdoor to the outside world in an attempt to either grab some fresh air or hurl themselves into the arms of the sadistic gods that allowed them to get this high in the first place. They might even scrawl a makeshift Last Will and Testament on their forearm, as they have likely become more than convinced that the end is near. This type of outburst is straight out of the first chapter in the unwritten playbook of pot. It is what’s…

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