Grizzle Editorial Warns That Cannabis SPACS Are “Fairytale Promises”


We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves – this is the opening gambit in their latest newsletter. This week was a reminder about the dangers of investing in the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Corp) boom. Many of these companies went public based on wild promises about growth and profits. Things were never going to go as smoothly as the investor decks promised, but for a time, the stocks did well. That was until all the fairytale promises met economic reality. There are some legitimate companies hidden among the zero’s but it will take deep fundamental work to find them. We think Danimer Scientific is one of those winners, but only time will tell. In the meantime, you should treat every SPAC like it is guilty until proven innocent. – THE GRIZZLE TEAM –

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Source : Grizzle Editorial Warns That Cannabis SPACS Are “Fairytale Promises”

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