Colorado Governor Gives South Park Creators Marijuana-Themed License Plates Honoring ‘Tegridy’

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The governor of Colorado on Friday presented the creators of South Park with souvenir license plates that pay homage to the fictional marijuana company Tegridy Farms that’s featured in multiple episodes of the comedy series. And he said one of the show’s most popular stoner characters would make a good mascot for the state. Gov. Jared Polis (D) met with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the show, which takes place in a fictionalized Colorado city. He handed them each ceremonial plates that are based on an actual one that was auctioned off as part of a cannabis-themed charity that the state launched in April. Residents were able to bid on vanity plates with terms like “BONG,” “GANJA,” “GOTWAX,” “HEMP” and “ISIT420.” The purpose of the auction was to raise money for a state disability fund. Polis said the “TEGRIDY” plate “was one of the highest-selling” items, with “$5,000 raised for charity.” The only other one that went for more was “ISIT420,” he said. “We raised over $50,000 for charity, and I would like to present you with—we had these made up, these are not for vehicles,” the governor said. “These are souvenir Tegrity license plates, officially for Colorado. They’ll go up on your wall and your office.” Earlier in the conversation, Polis asked the creators which character they’d pick as a mascot for Colorado. The talking towel named Towelie—famous for getting high—was Stone’s choice. He said it’d be a good way to represent the state’s marijuana businesses, and the governor agreed that Towelie would be a “good” mascot. Marijuana Moment reached out to the governor’s office about whether the South Park creators were the ones who bought the “TEGRIDY” license plate in the auction and whether there are any imminent plans…

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Source : Colorado Governor Gives South Park Creators Marijuana-Themed License Plates Honoring ‘Tegridy’

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