Opinion Article: More Damage than GOOD? Is It Time For The Next Generation?


Penned by one of our expat Australian correspondents and their view of the Australian cannabis “market” through the prism of a industry that operates, however imperfectly, in North America. Our writer asks if it is time for a new generation of leaders in the  Australian cannabis “industry”. As with many other if not most areas of Australian life at the moment we’d suggest it isn’t a radical ask just a necessary one.   With the global cannabis marketplace settling into a state that might resemble stability, and with more and more US states passing legislation to decriminalize, it is fair to say that some of the stigma around the noble green plant is starting to subside. From the Boom that was 2018 in cannabis markets, with valuations soaring, companies sprouting and scrambling to obtain licenses, it was like frontier times in the early days, and a mad land grab was taking place. As things have settled a little, the spotlight has now come to shine on whether or not these companies can be profitable. Sure; we’ve lost a few along the way, and we’ve seen more mergers than most people can remember. But the industry continues to grow, employ and serve those who wish to purchase. That is in North America and Europe of course where companies are increasing sales revenues and slooooooowly decreasing or lowering cash burn rates. Companies like Canopy Growth and Hexo start ventures or gain investment from well-established beverage companies like Constellation Brands, or Molson Coors and the overall sense of acceptance is increasing. In a faraway land that is Australia, things are a little different. To the novice and impartial bystander, we are seeing a lot of folks espousing grandiose figures and “projected revenues” that the very largest markets of Europe and North America have…

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Source : Opinion Article: More Damage than GOOD? Is It Time For The Next Generation?

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