Michigan Marijuana Sales Broke Another Record In July, State Data Shows

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Michigan marijuana sales broke another record last month with more than $171 million in cannabis transactions, according to data from a state regulatory body that was released on Friday. Andrew Brisbo, executive director of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), touted the $128 million in adult-use sales and $43 million in medical cannabis purchases in July, saying, “Another record month!” July marijuana sales numbers for Michigan are in! $128M in adult-use sales and $43M in medical sales. Another record month! — Andrew Brisbo (@MRAexec) August 13, 2021 The prior month saw $107 million recreation marijuana sales and $42 million for medical cannabis. For July, the total sales translates into $23 million in tax revenue, some of which will go to infrastructure projects, public education and individual jurisdictions. In July, Michigan’s marijuana industry generated $10.2 million in sales taxes as well as $12.8 million through the 10% excise tax for roads, schools, municipalities, and counties. https://t.co/31lnOMEfCN — David Harns (@DavidHarns) August 13, 2021 Earlier this week, state officials also awarded $20 million in marijuana tax revenue to fund a pair of research projects meant to investigate the therapeutic potential of cannabis for military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of last month’s recreational sales went to flower cannabis products ($63.5 million), followed by vape cartridges ($26.3 million) and edibles ($18.5 million). Via MRA. On the other side of Lake Michigan, adult-use cannabis sales in Illinois matched Michigan’s at $128 million—which is also a new record for the Prairie State. This has become a common theme across legal states amid the coronavirus pandemic. A recent analysis of sales data in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington State found that marijuana purchases “have increased more during the COVID-19 pandemic than in the previous two years.” “Findings show a general increase in cannabis sales following stay-at-home…

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