Five THC Health Benefits


I know, I know, you assumed that should read “CBD Health Benefits.” You know what they say about assumption. While CBD (rightfully) gets praised for its medicinal properties, there are many THC health benefits to explore. And, while THC may be the life of the party to CBD’s designated driver, there’s still plenty of evidence out there that THC has plenty to offer to those suffering from various aches and ailments. However, it’s always important to stress that Seedsman is not a professional health expert before we get any further. Mind you, if you get all of your medicinal information on internet blogs and not at the doctor, then there’s already not much we can do for you. So, while this post relies on referencing scientific study, this is not us advising treating any illness or ailment with THC alone. Right, now that that’s clear, here are 5 different THC health benefits, THC Helps You Sleep Ran out of sheep to count? Studies as far back as the 70s have found oral ingestion of the THC cannabinoid helps those who struggle to snooze soon sleeping sweetly. Other studies have shown it can also help breathing, reducing interrupted sleep. Insomnia is no laughing matter, so if you’re sick of looking at the inside of your eyelids every night, perhaps THC is an avenue to explore. THC is Anti-Inflammatory Research points to evidence that THC can decrease the production of both cytokine and chemokine in the body. Or, in English, THC helps slow the production of two of the body’s compounds that trigger inflammation. Depression has an inflammatory component. Arthritis as well. And, while CBD is well known for its inflammatory defeating goodness, THC has a part to play. THC Steadies the Ship Marinol is a drug used to help treat nausea…

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