DLA Piper: Medical Cannabis: Proposed Changes and Legal Implications in the Czech Republic


Cortex – Life Sciences Insights DLA Piper Czech Republic August 11 2021 Since 2013, medicinal cannabis has been legalized in the Czech Republic due to the amendment to the Act on pharmaceuticals, otherwise known as Act No. 50/2013 Coll. The State Institute for Drug Control regulates cannabis for medical use, and one must meet predetermined and rigorously controlled requirements to use or sell the plant. With medical research indicating that using the plant provides significant medical benefits, the Czech Chamber of Deputies suggested a revision to the government’s Act on pharmaceuticals. Despite proposals in place, it’s still unclear whether the proposition will be a success or failure. Proposed changes: The Decree No. 236/2015 Coll. establishes the criteria for cannabis distributed in pharmacies regarding the prescription, preparation, distribution and use of medicinal goods containing cannabis. On 22 July 2021, the Chamber of Deputies proposed a change to the government’s Act on pharmaceuticals aiming to improve the availability of drugs containing addictive substances. To grow cannabis, a person must hold a license from the State Institute for Drug Control for the cultivation of cannabis for medical use Authorization for the handling of addictive substances and preparations for activities related to the treatment of cannabis is also required. So far, only one supplier (Czech Medical Herbs) selected by the State Institute for Drug Control can supply medical cannabis. These criteria demonstrate how tightly regulated the medical cannabis industry is. This State control seeks to offer a safer and more coherent legalization process, with cannabis being removed from unknown suppliers and sold through a controlled agency. This regulative environment also promotes economic growth and significant medical benefits, boosting consumer safety and accessibility. The new proposal also introduces the use of electronic prescriptions for drugs containing addictive substances. Electronic receipts will be labelled “highly addictive”, leading the…

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Source : DLA Piper: Medical Cannabis: Proposed Changes and Legal Implications in the Czech Republic

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