Indoor and Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivators Reveal Results of LED Retrofits


<![CDATA[When Denver-based Lightshade and multi-state operator Holistic Industries made the switch from high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting to light-emitting diode (LED) technology in their cannabis cultivation facilities, each operation’s retrofit presented its own set of challenges and lessons learned, but both journeys started with similar reasons for the switch.Dan Banks, the vice president of cultivation for Lightshade, says he analyzed the total amount of illumination needed at the company’s 20,000-square-foot greenhouse facility and determined that the 336 supplemental HPS lights in the space did not provide enough luminosity.“You can get more illumination per watt of power used by the LEDs versus traditional HID/HPS lighting,” Banks says. “It’s more bang for your energy buck. For us, it was less about using less energy and more about using the energy more efficiently.”In the spring of 2020, Lightshade installed roughly 200 of Fluence by OSRAM’s VYPR LED fixtures to complement its HPS lighting, and this past spring, the company commenced replacing all of its HPS lights with 440 additional LED fixtures.“In terms of selecting the Fluence VYPR, my colleague, Nick [Drury], in his capacity working for MJardin in the past, had done a lot of different trials with LED lights, and he had liked what he had seen with Fluence,” Banks says. “… You know that they’re investing in the further development and R&D of their fixtures, and you know they’re going to support the lighting technology. That was big for us.”Banks and his team were also impressed by the VYPR’s full spectrum white light, which allows them to increase the light intensity without photo bleaching. In addition, the low-profile VYPR fixture does not block the natural sunlight in Lightshade’s greenhouse.Nick Denney, cultivation director for Holistic Industries, says energy efficiency also drove his company to make the switch from HPS to LED lighting,…

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Source : Indoor and Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivators Reveal Results of LED Retrofits

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