How Do I Purchase Weed From a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary?


Whether you enjoy marijuana recreationally or use cannabis for pain, legal cannabis availability in Canada has made it easier than ever to get what you need. With recreational cannabis legalization comes an amazing increase in the sale of cannabis as well as the availability of cannabis. But exactly how does one find access to these products? No longer do you have to meet a dealer in a shady alleyway but, if you’re not familiar with how cannabis dispensaries work, you’re in luck! Here’s your guide to cannabis dispensaries and how to purchase your marijuana products: Different Types of Cannabis Dispensaries With the widespread availability of cannabis in Canada, you have options when it comes to how you can legally purchase a whole array of cannabis products! Here are the three main ways you can buy and enjoy the benefits of cannabis and cannabis accessories: Government-Owned and Operated Dispensaries In every province and territory in Canada, cannabis products can be purchased through via cannabis delivery or through government-run retail shops. Some are strictly Crown-owned while others license the right to sell to privately run dispensaries. In order to legally purchase marijuana products through stores, look for ones that display an approval seal from the Canadian government. The purchasing experience can vary from province to province. Privately-Owned and Licensed Dispensaries Canadians are also allowed to open legal cannabis dispensaries under Bill C-45 (Cannabis Act). This allows private retailers to cultivate and sell recreational cannabis. Doing so is controlled by provincial governments, meaning that every single has a specific set of policies for licensed marijuana retailers. Online Dispensaries Some provinces and territories offer online cannabis sales where you can have enjoy cannabis delivery right to your home! Although for most provinces this means ordering your products through the mail or having them shipped…

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