Dhillon Charges Also Involve A Former Vancouver Lawyer, Panama’s Mossack Fonseca & James Bond References !


Vancouver is Awsome have been digging into the Dhillon charges… see our story Cannabis and Biotech Board Chair Arrested for Securities Fraud These people do love to weave tangled webs. Greed really is quite unbecoming   Vancouver Is Awesome write American authorities have charged a number of Vancouver-area public company insiders, their associates and stock touts for an alleged pump and dump scheme orchestrated by a former lawyer tied to the Panama Papers. That former lawyer, Fred Sharp of West Vancouver, along with Mike Veldhuis of Vancouver and Courtney Kelln of Surrey, stand accused by the U.S. Department of Justice of one criminal count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and one criminal count of securities fraud, in a case associated with over one billion dollars worth of gross share sales of hundreds of penny stock companies since 2011.   Frederick Sharp – Source You Tube   Additionally, Paul Sexton of Anmore, Jackson Friesen of Delta, Graham Taylor of Vancouver, Zhiying Yvonne (Chen) Gasarch of Richmond and Avtar Dhillon, a Canadian stock promoter living in Long Beach, are facing various civil charges by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Last Wednesday, Dhillon was criminally charged with securities fraud, conspiracy and obstruction in relation to the case, which stems from an investigation spanning 24 countries. “This case concerns a sophisticated, multiyear, multinational attack on the United States financial markets and retail United States investors by foreign and domestic actors. These actors schemed to sell fraudulently hundreds of millions of dollars in stocks in the United States markets,” stated the SEC complaint against the eight Vancouver-linked defendants, plus Maryland-based stock tout William Kaitz. The SEC alleges Sharp orchestrated the complex scheme that saw the company insiders conceal their insider share sales using a network of overseas shell companies listed under nominee owners. Additionally, Sharp…

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Source : Dhillon Charges Also Involve A Former Vancouver Lawyer, Panama’s Mossack Fonseca & James Bond References !

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