All You Need to Know about THC & CBD Cannabis Gummies


Edibles – from pot brownies and space cakes, candies to drinks – have been around for a long time. Cannabis gummies are a relatively new way to get high or even dose CBD, but what are they? How do you take them? What do they do? Here’s some info to chew on. Why Edibles? Edibles typically allow you to control the dose. If you buy gummies, the dose is uniform in each gummy, so you know exactly how much THC or CBD you’re ingesting, and you get to choose by how much you increase your dose. Likewise, if you make your own batch, you have control over the content levels and can dose yourself to your personal ‘sweet spot.’ What are Gummies? Gummies are essentially chewable candies that look like regular chewy sweets and are available in countless tangy fruit flavours, but laced with a small dose of THC or CBD. They can be bought, or if you’re adventurous in the kitchen, you can try making these little beauties yourself from any of the numerous recipes online (but be warned: it can be challenging to nail the consistency). Gummies VS. Other Edibles Gummies are popular as they have a few advantages over traditional edibles, which put them in a class of their own. For starters, you can eat them anywhere, anytime. They’re small and light, so infinitely more portable, easier to store, and far less likely to melt. Dosing gummies is easier, too – you can munch on a few gummies whenever you feel inclined without the fear of any raised eyebrows around you. And unlike the more traditional chocolate edibles, they’re lighter and easier to consume and digest – no problem to chew on a couple of candies here and there. They won’t spoil your appetite (although THC gummies…

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